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Our weekly offer

17.10.-23.10. 2018.

Roasted pepper & grilled goat cheese salad with vinaigrette and toasted almonds 70,00

Shortcrust pastry with Adriatic prawns and pumpkin parfait 75,00

Fish soup with root vegetables 40,00

Grilled sardines with potatoes and rucola 58,00

Shrimp and pumpkin risotto 85,00

Grilled sea bream with swiss chard dalmatian style 125,00

Roasted red peppers 35,00

Boiled Croatian ham and fresh cheese from family farm Ljiljana Pečnik with corn bread 65,00

Creamy porcini soup with prosciutto-stuffed breadstick 40,00

Slavonian shepherd's stew with homemade egg dumplings 65,00

Pork tenderloin with spinach and parsley purée with beurre blanc 95,00

Grilled lamb sausage with roasted pepper and baked beans 95,00

Roasted turkey leg with baked carrots purée and pasta tatters 72,00

Spit-roasted black Slavonian suckling pig with potato salad kg/230,00

Roasted turkey leg with baked carrots purée and pasta tatters 90,00

Cream cheese and lime cake topped with Croatian gin&tonic and white chocolate truffle 35,00

Chocolate brownie with chestnut parfait, whipped cream and rum truffle 34,00

Wines by glass - special offer

Torres Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 0,15 36,00
Torres Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 0,15 37,00
Torres Celeste Crianza 0,15 45,00
Torres Moscatel Oro Floralis 0,10 39,00


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