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Cold Starters

Traditional marinade with swordfish 75,00

Ceviche - Marinated sea bass and shrimp with celery, pepper, green onion and citrus fruits 95,00

Selection of cold fish starters -
Cod spread, octopus salad with potatoes and sheep cheese from the island of Pag, traditional flatbread from Komiža with smoked sardine 90,00

Selection of cold meat starters - Beef tartare, Dalmatian prosciutto, Slavonian saussage, cheese Veli Jože from Istria 90,00

Beef tartare - chopped baby beef fillet traditional seasoned with olive oil and aromatic herbs with seasonal salad and aioli with Dijon mustard 78,00

Dalmatian prosciutto with bellows cheese and fritters 80,000


Fish soup with root vegetables 40,00

Creamy tomato soup 30,00

Black summer truffle soup 60,00

Warm Starters

Homemade spaghetti with adriatic shrimps, mussels and cherry tomatoes 90,00

Cuttelfish ragout with grilled polenta 75,00

Zagorje štrukli - homemade dough filled with fresh cottage cheese at guest's request gratinated with cream or sautéed with buttered breadcrumbs 50,00

Fresh cheese and courgette filo rollwith cucumber and yogurt salad 58,00

Veal ragout risotto 68,00

"Fuži" - traditional pasta with fresh black Istrian truffles 105,00

Main Courses

Monkfish brodetto with polenta 95,00

Oven-baked sea bream with vegetables and potatoes 115,00

Almond-crusted river Gacka trout fillet with butter sautéed broccoli and potato 90,00

Goat cheese-stuffed chicken breast with roasted marinated courgettes and grilled champignons 80,00

Zagreb steak - fried veal steak stuffed with ham and cheese and sliced fried potatoes 125,00

Roasted veal under the bell with baked potatoes 125,00

Veal burger with sliced fried potatoes and tomato-pepper stew 90,00

Prosciutto and cheese stuffed pork tenderloin rolls with Gorgonzola sauce, potato gnocchi and braised Savoy cabbage 90,00

Lamb shank with mashed potatoes with green onions and stewed vegetables 135,00

Beefsteak from croatian farms with potato halves, mustard sauce and grilled vegetables 185,00

Side Dishes, Salads and Cheeses

Baked or fried potatoes 30,00

Grilled or cooked vegetables 0,00

Pasta tatters 35,00     

Side dishes at guest's request 45,00

Daily selection of salads 30,00

Sheep cheese from the island of Pag 60,00

Selection of Croatian cheeses with honey & fruits (for 2 persons) 130,00


Seasonal fruit strudel with ice cream and vanilla sauce 30,00

Warm molten chocolate cake with homemade bourbon vanilla ice creamand orange sauce 35,00

Hazelnut semifreddo with crumble, seed crackers and white chocolate mousse 35,00

Medjimurje county layer cake our style 30,00

Imotski rafiol – pastry of Imotski region our style 35,00

Homemade bread

Small basket 10,00

Big basket 22,00

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